bringing joy to family meals

“Family dinners are so overrated!” These very words tumbled out one day in the not-too-distant past, after a long evening in the kitchen followed by kids grumbling at the dinner table.

We’re betting you can relate.

It’s time to step off the never-ending, no-reward treadmill of uninspired meals. We’ll take you by the arm like your personal mealtime cruise directors with simple recipes that are quick and delicious. In the mood to be creative? Take our offerings and make them your own. We’ll help you with that too.

Are you ready to be inspired and find joy in your mealtime?

We’re excited to meet you!

What happens when a physicist and a lawyer team up?

It sounds like the start of a cheesy joke, but it is the beginning of our story here at Mealtime Joy. We are two sisters who set out on very different paths, but found common ground in our family kitchens. For a long time now, we have inspired each other, served each other, and shared recipes. Both sets of kids claim their Aunt is the best cook ever. And now we want to share those recipes with you and your families.

Amy & Kristen, after running a half marathon together in Fall 2021

Healthy meals balance out the treats we make, or so we hope, and we try to live healthy lifestyles, too. It’s much more fun with a friend. And when that friend happens to be your sister, it’s even better!

Join us on this adventure, relax, and use our recipes to make mealtime fun and joyful for you and your family!


Some people relax by reading a book or watching tv, but true relaxation for me comes in the kitchen, cooking and baking to bring joy to the people I love.

My absolute favorite thing to make (and to eat!) are cookies — any and all kinds. I am a long-time cookie enthusiast. In fact, some of my earliest memories are coming home from school to find the house smelling like sweet baked goodness and a plate of cookies waiting for me. I guess my Mom really knew my love language, then and now!

I live in Indiana with my family, including my three kiddos and a sweet mini Goldendoodle. On my mornings off, you will find me with a cup of hot coffee and a cookie. Just don’t tell my kids where to find me!


Rewind 25 years and I barely knew how to boil water. The first time I made a cheese sauce, I was in my soon-to-be mother-in-law’s kitchen and made something resembling warm milk over potatoes. Thankfully, she appreciated the effort and taught me some foundational things about cooking. More importantly, she taught me to keep going and that mistakes can be delicious too.

Having my own family cemented my newfound love of the kitchen and I dove into caring for my people through food, starting with purees for my babies and graduating to birthday cakes from scratch. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover that cooking and baking are fun!

I love it all but baking is my happy place and I still haven’t learned how to keep my hands out of that cookie jar. I live with my family in a lovely little Chicago suburb, where dinner creation happens almost every day as I set the table for my husband, two teenagers, and one yappy little fluff-ball dog.